Well prepared for the professional future
VITALIS helps with vocational orientation

We provide Orientation for Skills and Knowledge

The aim of VITALIS is to harmonize the skills and interests of our young participants with the requirements of the international job market. With this orientation, they can practice their knowledge and skills in a internship and expand them in a targeted manner. This improves their employability and makes them more competitive on the European labour market of today.
VITALIS prepares young people for their professional future

Internships help for further Career Choice

For more than twenty years VITALIS has been preparing young people from all over Europe for their professional future. The internships we offer take place at our Grange "Gut Wehlitz" in Schkeuditz near Leipzig. Specially equipped workshops and training rooms are available to all participants. For further work experience, we work together with partner companies from the region.
Get know the desired profession in a Internship way

Desired Profession and everyday Working

Our internships provide a wide spectrum of different professions. The participants get to know their desired profession during an internship in normal daily working life. All of our seventeen internships are geared to the practice professional orientation of our participants. They can try their skills and interest in the different internships and find out their really dream job.

Get the Overview

Decision for the right Profession

“Learn something reasonable!” - With this request, concerned parents in former times liked to refer to a practical and reasonable decision. Today there are more possibilities for choosing a profession, but often the necessary orientation is lacking. Therefore VITALIS offer selected internships to pupils in this decision phase. This temporary entry into a profession with an internship gives a new view of it. This could be useful for the decision to choose a profession with orientation to the European labour market.

Four good Reasons to choose VITALIS:

Practically oriented

With us, you can practice and expand your professional knowledge and skills in a practical way.

Wide Spectrum

Our internships provide practically and unbiased insights into a wide variety of professional fields.

Under one Roof

Gut Wehlitz nearby Leipzig is for the participants a place for working, living and leisure.

Regionally networked

We work together with partner companies from economy, service and craft from the region.

Get to know your favourite Profession

Overview about our Internships

The demands of today's labour market require long-term career planning. Our internships are geared towards gaining professional experience. This provides an orientation when the participants choosing their future profession. The internships can be completed in the fields of technology, crafts and services.
Internships 3D-Print


Discover new Technologies
Internship Beauty-Care


More than Styling
Internship Smart Home

Smart Home

House of the Future
Internship Metal-Workshop


An universal Material
Internship Car-Mechanic


Under the Hood
Internship Construction


Work at the House
Internship Electro-Installation


Well and safely connected
Internship Interior Construction

Interior Construction

Tiles, Walls and Laminate
Internship E-Buggy-Construction


Create a Vehicle
Internship Media Production

Media Production

On the Set and in the Studio
Internchip Gastronomy and Kitchen

Gastronomy and Kitchen

Really well served
Internship Garden and Forestry

Garden and Forestry

In the green Area
Internship Health Care

Health Care

Always well cared
Internship IT Technology

IT Technology

Computer, Bits and Bytes
Internship Hotel Business and Catering

Hotel Business and Catering

Hospitality has Priority
Internship Trade and Logistics

Trade and Logistics

At the right Place
Internship Office-Technology


Digital Working Life

Well supplied at Gut Wehlitz

The lovingly renovated grounds of the historic estate form a self-contained living ensemble. It provides the framework for a closely intermeshed coexistence of the areas of work, leisure and recreation. The positive reactions of our guests confirm this special concept.

Queries and Information

During our office hours we are available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 by telephone:

You can also send us an Email to: leonardo (at) gut-wehlitz.de
A Location with Potential

In a good Neighbourhood

Gut Wehlitz is located in the immediate vicinity of Leipzig. Not only the "Boomtown of the East" has developed rapidly in the last decades. The region between Leipzig and Halle in our immediate neighbourhood has grown into a business location of international standing.

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