Erasmus+ for International Competence

Hands-on, practical experience with our work experience and professional internships will help young people improve their opportunity to get a good start in the working world. German VET is famous for quality and our programmes and courses include workshops that will develop participant’s European and social competence, helping to make them better team members.

International working experiences with Erasmus plus programmes

Mobility Projects with Erasmus+

The Erasmus+ programme of the European Union aims to improve the skills and employability of young people and to modernise education and training. International work experience and intercultural knowledge are increasingly important in our global world. Numerous studies show that participants in the programmes have significantly better chances for employment.

International Work Experience

Economic development in Europe and around the world has transcended national borders for years. International work experience is a valuable asset to any young professional. An education with practice experience makes you employable in the labour market of the future, an education that has an international dimension makes you desirable. International mindedness, empathy and diversity all grow through an international experience.

Funding your Projects

Your mobility project with VITALIS can be funded through the Erasmus+ Programme by the European Union. The funds are used for international educational projects and training courses in other European countries. You will need to work with your National Agency to apply for Erasmus funding and we can support you through this process. Projects and training for students and staff can also be funded through your Professional Development budget or through parental contributions.

Experiences and Competences

Working, learning and living together: With VITALIS at Gut Wehlitz you get everything for your internship under one roof. You will benefit from our long-term experience in the successful implementation of Erasmus+ projects for young people and experts.

All students get certificates according to the ECVET standards

Customized Internships

All of our internships are tailored to meet the needs of the participants. They usually take place in our own workshops and seminar rooms at Gut Wehlitz. For some internships we work together with long-standing partners from the region. We not only focus on technical knowledge, but also on the development of soft skills, social competences and international mindedness.

Sustainable Projects for the Future

More than 24 years of experience in mobility projects have shown us what is important. Good preparation, personal support, professional partners and a collaborative relationship are our top priorities. Work, accommodation, recreation and leisure activities are the main components of a successful stay abroad. The combination of these elements is the key to a sustainable impact and this is why people choose to bring their students and staff back to Gut Wehlitz.

Programme of Spare Time Activities

As well as an engaging and rewarding internship or training course, we ensure that our participants have an interesting time when they are not working. In addition to sports, swimming and games on site, we can organise a programme of visits to well known companies and nearby German cities.

Vocational Training with VITALIS

From the planning stage through to evaluations, certificates and final reports, we are your partner for a complete journey in project based, experiential learning.

Get international working experiences with VITALIS internships

Modules to Support Your School Curriculum

For international compatibility, our internships and projects are planned ini accordance with the European ECVET principles. Our projects and modules can be implemented into the VET or school curriculum of the sending schools. With different levels of challenge, all modules can be modified according to the students' level of knowledge. Our instructors will assess where your students are when they arrive and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the agreed learning objectives are met.

Learn about the German Dual System

All of our internships are planned according to the standards of German dual vocational education and training system. Germany’s successful dual VET system remains the focus of international attention today for its quality, rigour and relevance. With its close combination of theory and practice, it provides solid foundation for young professionals. This is one of the reasons why Germany has the lowest rate of unemployment for young people in Europe.

We Give More Than Work Experience

Our focus for the internships is not only on providing technical knowledge in specific professional fields, but also on the development of soft skills. The ability to work in a team, to communicate effectively, to have empathy and understanding for diverse communities, to be prepared to apply for a job and attend an interview. The importance of these skills in relation to school grades and degrees has risen sharply in recent years. To support this we have a created a modular set of workshops.   more ...

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