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As a special service for our guests we have organised a rich program with helicopter flights, virtual time travels and many interactive discoveries more. All excursions are informative and can be done from the comfort of your own home ...

Virtuelle Sightseeing-Angebote bei VITALIS

Virtual Museum Offers in Leipzig

Antique busts in the permanent exhibition

Bach monument in front of St. Thomas Church in Leipzig

Floral splendour in the botanical garden

    Botanical Garden of the University of Leipzig

  • It is the oldest botanical garden in Germany and one of the oldest in the world. Covering an area of 3.5 hectares, it is home for about 10,000 different plant species. Two dozen species of butterflies can be experienced in the butterfly house.

  • Virtual garden tour on Facebook

German Book and Lettering Museum in Leipzig

The New Gewandhaus in Leipzig on Augustus Square

    New Gewandhaus in Leipzig

  • Leipzig is the birthplace of Richard Wagner - many virtuosos and artists were active here, like Bach or Mendelssohn Bartholdy. The Gewandhaus Orchestra is the oldest civic orchestra in Germany and is today one of the world's best orchestras.

  • Video-Page Gewandhaus Orchestra

The Leipzig Grassi Museum

    GRASSI Museums
    Museum of Applied Arts

  • The Grassi Museum is a worth seeing museum complex in Art Deco style, which combines three museums under one roof. Art deco pillared hall. Deer garden. Bauhaus windows in the staircase. Baroque treasury. Roman hall. Japanese Nô masks. Art Nouveau costumes. Bauhaus furniture. East German and international design. All you can find in the Museum of Applied Arts.

  • Discovery tour with many virtual offers

    Museum of Ethnology

  • Colorful clothing, weapons and jewelry tell of the close connection between symbolic reflection and practical life design. Presented in this exhibition are art and everyday life in the cultures of the world.

  • „Fantastic worlds of animals“

    Musical Instrument Museum of the University of Leipzig

  • Known and unknown instruments, skillfully executed masterpieces and amazing inventions give a vivid impression of the craftsmanship and artistic skills of instrument makers since the 16th century.

  • Musical themes on Museum's Facebook Site

Discoveries in science experiments

    Inspirata - Center for Mathematics and Science Education

  • Experience, marvel, experiment is the motto of the hands-on museum INSPIRATA on the Alte Messe Leipzig. Visitors can experience things that they would probably not find in normal everyday life. Let a ball hover by itself, hide in a soap bubble or prove the rotation of the earth: Adventure and fun are guaranteed on an excursion for the whole family.

  • Natural science experiments on YouTube channel

Modern art in the old heating station

    Art Power Plant Leipzig

  • The Art Power Plant is an exhibition and cultural center in a former heat and power plant of the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe. Currently, the following exhibitions can be visited virtually:

    „Van Gogh Experience“ - „Farmesina“ - „Boomtown“ - „The Wonderworlds of Alice“ - „Invisible.“

  • 360°-Tours of the exhibitions

Museum for Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

    Mendelssohn House

  • The Mendelssohn House at Goldschmidtstraße 12 in Leipzig is located in the last apartment of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. The museum, which is well worth seeing, preserves original furniture, letter and music autographs, first prints and some of Mendelssohn's watercolors.

  • Virtual Offerings of the Museum

The imposing new building of the Museum of Fine Arts

Experience historical printing technology for yourself

View of the Museum of Natural Science in Leipzig

    Natural Science Museum

  • In a tradition of more than 100 years, the Natural Science Museum Leipzig is a central institution of natural science education. It is an archive of biodiversity and a memory of the history of science. A place of science preserved in flora, fauna, geology and archaeology.

  • Video podcasts about nature, biology and the environment

The historical building of the Panometer

The Schumanns' House in Leipzig's Inselstraße

    Schumanns' House

  • Robert and Clara Schumann lived in Leipzig's Inselstraße after their wedding in 1840 for the first four years of their married life. Today's museum documents the life and work of the artists until 1844. Concerts are held regularly in the historic salon.

  • The Instagram account of the Museum
  • Virtual tour through the house

Das Alte Rathaus beherbergt das Stadtgeschichtliche Museum

    Stadtgeschichtliches Museum - Museum of Urban History

  • The Old Town Hall is the location of the permanent exhibition about the history of Leipzig. In the house itself, the historic banqueting hall, the council chamber, the treasury and the cellar vaults can be visited. Changing exhibitions in the different houses complete the program.

  • Video clips – Museum at Home

Die Thomaskirche war die Wirkungsstätte von Johann Sebastian Bach

The entrance to the Forum of Contemporary History in Leipzig

    Forum of Contemporary History

  • The Contemporary History Forum Leipzig is dedicated to the history of the division and unification of Germany as well as dictatorship and resistance in the GDR. In addition to the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions on various topics are presented.

  • Audioguide: Our History. Dictatorship and Democracy after 1945

Virtual Excursions to the Region

The Moritzburg Art Museum in Halle

    Halle - Moritzburg Art Museum

  • Since 1904, the Moritzburg Castle in Halle has been the home of an art museum with supra-regional appeal. The collection of paintings includes about 1800 works. In addition to Gothic art and the painting of the 19th Century, Expressionism, Socially Critical Art of the 1920s and Art of the GDR are the main focus of the exhibition.

  • Worth seeing virtual tour - touching is allowed!

The rebuilt Frauenkirche on Dresden's Neumarkt square

Straßenbahnfahrt im Jahr 1931 in Leipzig

    Special Time Trip in Leipzig

  • A rare film document from 1931 offers unique insights into everyday life in Leipzig on the streets of the trade fair city. The journey takes place during a ride in a Leipzig tramway.

  • Please enter for the time travel

Erfurt Cathedral and Church St. Severi from a bird's eye view

    Flight over Erfurt

  • A virtual helicopter flight over the Thuringian capital Erfurt and interactive panoramic photos offers rare and worth seeing perspectives.

  • To the flight deck

Am Brandenburger Tor in Berlin

    Berlin - Lively Metropolis

  • The German capital Berlin offers its visitors numerous sights and experiences. With a virtual city tour on YouTube, the choice of visits becomes a little easier.

  • Virtual Sightseeing in Berlin


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