Key Competencies and Soft Skills Development

Key Competency and Soft Skills development does not occur in a vacuum, and it doesn’t just magically occur over time. With our specially created Soft Skills Modules we want to contribute to the development of our students as European citizens and team members.
Our courses for development of soft skills

Essentially, soft skills are how people navigate the world. It's how they solve problems, communicate well with other people, and adapt to challenges in their lives. Soft skills also include things like the ability to get along with people in everyday life and in a team at work. The importance of soft skills has risen sharply in recent times compared to the evaluation of degrees and school grades.

For participating students who stay for a month this means that they will be able to complete the full package of these modules. For those who come for two weeks one year and two weeks the following year, this is also possible.

 Focal Points of the Programmes

    The modules that we have on offer are currently:

  • The European Experiment; democracy, equality and migration
  • Design Thinking; process based solutions
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals; contributing to a sustainable future
  • First Impressions; presenting ourselves at work
  • Leading From the Middle, making things happen in a group
  • Writing Your Own Future; introductory letters and job applications
  • Equality, Privilege and Bias; the assumptions and mistakes we make.
  • Working for Others; how to maximise our WOW (Way of Working).

    We are also developing the following one and two week programmes for students,
    which will include the choice of modules above:

  • Mini MBA; end to end business management in a nutshell
  • Becoming an Activist; turning the UNSDGs into action in your community
  • Workplace Competence; exploring the World Economic Forums 21st Century Skills


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