Smart home

House of the future

The modern home is an intelligent house. In this smart home, home technology and entertainment media, as well as appliances, systems and lamps, are networked. Settings and control are made via smartphone or computer. Proper setup and control requires appropriate specialist knowledge.

Course duration:

3 oder 4 weeks




Basic knowledge computer

The internship in smart home provides insights into the possibilities and requirements of computer technologies in everyday life at home. It also includes the underlying know-how in the computer and programming area. But manual dexterity in soldering and assembly work is also in demand.

Focal points:

  • Understand the Python programming language
  • Test setup on a plug-in board
  • Specific input and output of commands via switch or key
  • Soldering exercises as a basis for the production of printed circuit boards
  • Circuit diagram design for a better understanding of the processes
  • Communication between different components
  • Use of wireless systems
  • Smartphone, panels and the CPU
  • Programmatic control of actuators and output of measured values
  • Create a real remote control system with web and smartphone interfaces


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