Work around the House

The demand for apartments has been increasing for years, especially in the growing conurbations. For Germany alone, experts assume that the demand for additional apartments is around 400,000 per year. Crafts in the various building trades will therefore continue to be in demand in the future.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Basic Knowledge Physics

In the construction internship, the participants set up a construction site and carry out typical construction work. This includes working with concrete as well as laying bricks and other materials. Carpentry and dry construction are also included.

Focal Points:

  • Configuring a construction site in accordance with the work and safety regulations
  • Concreting work
  • Measuring, excavation and preparation of foundations before pouring the concrete
  • Masonry connections, brick laying with various types of stone (limestone, natural stone, etc.)
  • Placing work on pavements
  • Large-scale joinery work, e.g. construction of a carport and protective cover
  • Dry construction work, painting work, tile laying

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