A Vehicle is created

This internship requires resourceful minds and skilled hands. The construction of an e-buggy begins with the planning of a concept for the entire vehicle design. Care is required when assembling the frame as well as the drive and control components. But manual skill is also required when sawing, welding and filing.

Course Duration:

3 or 4 Weeks




Basic Knowledge Physics and Electric

The participants of this internship design and assemble a functional E-Buggy. The production of the frame requires patience and skill in metalwork. The installation of components and systems requires a structural approach.

Focal Points:

  • Development of a concept for the frame construction of the vehicle
  • Mounting the frame
  • Metal work such as filing, sawing and welding
  • Assembly of the chassis, seat and brake system
  • Steering mechanism installation and setup
  • Installation of wheel hub motors, lighting system and electronic control system
  • Successful test drive!

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