Good Wehlitz. View from the courtyard to the gate tower.

Gut Wehlitz in History

Gut Wehlitz, the VITALIS headquarters, is a popular place of residence for young people from the Member States of the European Union during their stay in the Erasmus+ programme. They have also played an important role in the resurrection of the historic buildings and facilities. The history of the estates goes back centuries.

Gut Wehlitz während der Baumaßnahmen

A Manor with a rich History

The recorded history of Gut Wehlitz reaches back to the 15th century. Gut Wehlitz is a former "Sattelhof". Although many saddle yards had to provide riders and horses, the word has nothing to do with riding. It comes from the Middle High German "satel", a measure of field. A "Sattelhof" was an estate with its own jurisdiction, free of front-line services and numerous taxes. So was Gut Wehlitz, which was given in 1435 by the bishop of Merseburg as a fief to a knight, who guaranteed the protection of the nearby trade routes. The estates belonging to Gut Wehlitz at that time stretched along the floodplain to today's airport.

Witnesses in Stone

The proven management of Gut Wehlitz dates back to the 14th century. Even today, a closed courtyard has been preserved. The manor house was built around 1745. This makes it one of the oldest preserved mansions in Saxony. The striking square gate tower with its baroque dome also dates from this period.

New life beyond old Walls

Over the centuries, the estate has always been in varying family ownership. The preserved barns, stables and farm buildings were built at the end of the 19th century. After the Second World War, the last owner of the estate was expropriated as part of a land reform. The estate experienced the times of the political change in a bad structural condition. After decades of neglect, the buildings were damaged, parts of buildings had already collapsed. In 1993 the comprehensive renovation of the entire complex began. Step by step the historic buildings were brought back to life.

Gut Wehlitz während der Baumaßnahmen

Excursions in the Program

For those who would like to learn more about German culture and history, day trips to Leipzig, Berlin or Dresden are possible. We also organise tours to some of the major local companies such as BMW, Porsche or DHL near to Leipzig/Halle Airport.

Excursions and Discoveries