VITALIS Internship Healthcare

For students of Nursing, Health Care, Elderly/Senior Care

A pleasant athmosphere is important for daily interaction
The focus is on the personality of the elderly

 Learning Outcomes

    The student learns/knows:

  • The physical, psychological and social changes take place in old age
  • The age-related clinical diagnoses (including mental illnesses), how to recognise care-relevant clinical diagnoses and their symptoms, and how they are to be treated
  • What medicines are administered under what conditions
  • Care for the elderly in a person and situation related way, i.e. depending on the degree of need for care; support only in their lifestyle all the way up to the care of people in complete need
  • How the care process is planned and documented
  • Participate in the treatment and rehabilitation of sick and elderly people with disabilities, including the implementation of medical prescriptions
  • Which forms of housing are possible in old age and what needs to be taken into account when caring for the elderly in their home environment or in inpatient facilities for the elderly
  • Care for and advise older people in their personal and social affairs and encourage them to lead as independent a life as possible, including the promotion of social contacts
  • Which problem situations typical of the profession, e.g. caring as a professional activity in the private sphere of strangers, dealing with mentally disturbed elderly people, can occur and how to deal with them, what role family relationships and social bonds can play

 Focal Points and Tasks

    The student develops their understanding of:

  • Theoretical principles of nursing care
  • Care planning, care processes and SOPs
  • Care documentation
  • Care in special life and need situations
  • Participation in the implementation of medical prescriptions
  • Participation in geriatric and gerontopsychiatric rehabilitation concepts
  • Handling of prostheses and other aids
  • Lifeworlds and social networks of older people
  • Living space and living environment
  • Daily schedule and self-organised activities

 Learning outcomes common to all professions

  • Health and safety at work - observes health and safety rules and SOPs
  • Professionally oriented foreign language - improved ability to use a foreign language (English/German) in the execution of tasks and the ability to formulate short and comprehensible statements to communicate in the workplace
  • Personal and social competences - develops a culturally and ethically sound approach to working with others in a company, increased creativity and consistency in their actions, copes with stress, responsibility and assigned tasks
  • Organisation of work in small teams - increased ability to communicate and work collaboratively with colleagues, organise work in a team

 VITALIS Internships

  • All internships according to the Dual vocational training in Germany and the principles of ECVET
  • Our internships take place in small groups under the guidance of qualified and experienced staff
  • The internships are scaleable - depending to the knowledge of participants from different classes
  • According to the length of stay the internships can be customized and combined
  • Our internships can be funded by Erasmus programme - open for all member states of the European Union