Covid-19 Safeguarding

Our Covid-safe Protocol

Covid-19 has created a complex and dynamic environment in which schools, training centres and communities have had to respond to protect their students and vulnerable adults.

As we respond to the situation we are always working in accordance with the national and regional guidelines, regulations and best practices. In order to fulfil our duty, we have developed a special hygiene protocol and adapted our workplaces, facilities and organisation.

Before a group arrives they will need to have a negative Covid test from within the last 48 hours.

During their stay, all participants and accompanying teachers will have their temperatures measured twice a day, at breakfast and dinner. If required we can conduct a Covid Quick Test. We do have the facility to quarantine individuals or a group on site and maintain social distance for any other groups on the campus.

With this procedure we can maintain Gut Wehlitz as a Covid-free zone. When excursions and sightseeing tours are possible (in accordance with any local lockdown regulations) we use our own bus to minimise the risks from using public transport.

The closed campus of Gut Wehlitz makes it possible to move between the workshops where our internships take place, our dining room, accommodation and leisure facilities.