Covid-19 Safeguarding

Sustainable Hygiene Protocol

The spread of Covid-19 resulted in a difficult and evolving environment for schools and VET centres all over the world. As the pandemic subsides and the incidence rate per 100,000 people continues to fall, numerous protective measures have been reduced or cancelled. Current restrictions and regulations are different from country to country and they are often written with individuals in mind, not residential institutions that have groups from many countries coming and going during the month.

For daily work at Gut Wehlitz, we have developed a comprehensive hygiene concept to keep the campus safe and Covid-free. All groups of visitors are subject to the 2-G rule. They must be fully vaccinated with an EU-approved vaccine or recovered at the time of arrival. Vaccination certificates or official certificates of recovery must be presented as proof. Even for vaccinated and recovered persons, there is a residual risk of infecting themselves and others. A Covid rapid test will therefore be carried out immediately after arrival.

The spacious and enclosed campus of Gut Wehlitz offers ideal conditions for a stable Covid-free zone as long as we practice this protocol. It allows participants to move freely and safely, and to interact with each other.