All In One Place at Gut Wehlitz

The Gut Wehlitz manor offer modern workshops, accommodation and a spacious, green courtyard. The lovingly renovated buildings have a special ambience in which you will find everything you need for a pleasant stay in Germany - all in one place.

View at the court of Gut Wehlitz
Room for students in the manor house
Lovingly renovated buildings
Individually arranged living room in the attic
All rooms with the amenities of our time
View from the attic at the courtyard
Appartment for staff in a separate building
The kitchen building - a former brewery
The spacious dining room with its rustic ambience
For sunny days we recommend the swimming pool
You will find a unique living atmosphere for your stay in Germany

Our guiding principle is that all internships are successfully completed and everyone feels good about the time they spend here. As hosts we have more than 24 years of experience with mobility projects for young people. Hospitality, internationalism and sustainability determine our daily actions.

Accommodation and Boarding

Our students are accommodated in multi-bed rooms, most of which are en-suite. All rooms are lovingly and individually furnished, they have modern bathrooms and toilets, as well as satellite TV and free WLAN. Accommodation for teachers and supervisors is in a separate building across the courtyard. Our spacious dining room, with its rustic ambience was the former brewery of the manor. Our kitchen offers both hot and cold local dishes on its buffet. For lunch we serve traditional local specialties as well as international dishes and are able to cater for a packed lunch on days when we have off-site visits.

Modern life in the historical buildings of Gut Wehlitz
Gut Wehlitz offers a unique living atmosphere for your stay in Germany

The buildings of Gut Wehlitz are historic and has a unique living atmosphere. The Manor is one of the oldest preserved manor houses in Saxony. The gate tower, with its baroque tower dome, dates from the 18th century. Nevertheless, no one has to do without contemporary comfort and all rooms are equipped with modern amenities.

Lovely Grounds with Leisure Facilities

The green courtyard of Gut Wehlitz offers a pleasant and relaxed environment for leisure activities. For recreational sports, our students can also use a multipurpose sports hall at our neighbouring school. We have a river, forest, and natural reserve on our doorstep for walking. The cities of Leipzig, Halle and Merseburg, are just a short drive or tram ride away and offer an interesting mix of historic sights, a wide range of cultural activities and modern shopping experiences.

Good conditions for leisure activities at Gut Wehlitz
The spacious grounds of Gut Wehlitz are ideal for almost all leisure activities

Close to Schkeuditz and Leipzig

The town of Wehlitz is part of Schkeuditz, located in the middle of the Central German region between Leipzig and Halle. It is the third largest town in the district of Nordsachsen with about 18,000 inhabitants. It is connected to the public transport network by S-Bahn, tram and bus.

View at the Town Hall Square in Schkeuditz
The town centre of Schkeuditz is not far away, the town is centrally located between Leipzig and Halle

Located in the Heart of Europe

Our region is an important business location in the heart of Europe. More than eight million people live in the states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. The Central European Region is a traditional location for industry, business, science and culture.

Overview of the Metropolitan Central German region
The Central German region between Leipzig and Halle is a modern business location in the heart of Europe

A Hub of Production, Technology and Education

The Free State of Saxony is a traditional region for engineering technology, machinery and vehicle construction. With its modern production facilities for Porsche and BMW, the region around Leipzig is an important business location in the Central German region. We are able to take advantage of special guided tours of the Porsche and BMW production facilities in Leipzig. These visits give unusual insights into daily production and the future of automotive engineering.

Production and technology in the Central German region
Saxony is a traditional industrial location for mechanical engineering and vehicle construction

Home of Cutting Edge Research

Education, science and research are the most important factors in economic and social development today. In our region, science and education have a long tradition. The foundation of the second oldest German university in Leipzig dates back to 1409. Numerous scientific developments started in the region, and we have nine universities, dozens of research institutes and more than 25 colleges. Today Central Germany is a modern location for education and research with international reputation.

Research and education in the Central German region
Research and education are significant factors for the future and have a long tradition in the Central German region

Famous Sites of Art and Culture

For centuries, personalities in the region has shaped European cultural and intellectual history. Initiated by Luther, the Reformation began to spread worldwide from here. The Weimar Classicism, associated with Goethe, Schiller and Herder influenced a cultural epochs, as well as the works of philosophers such as Leibniz or Nietzsche. Central Germany also has a special relationship with music: Bach, Händel, Telemann, Wagner or Weill created works of lasting significance here. Today a varied cultural landscape impresses guests from home and abroad.

The Central German region has shaped European cultural and intellectual history
The work of famous personalities of our region shaped the cultural history of Europe

Through our programmes and visits you can discover this special region of Germany. During city tours you will see the sights and learn about our cultural treasures. Special guided visits to modern factories provide spectacular insights into the current world of industry production.

Visits Places of Cultural and Historic Significance

To learn about culture, living and working life, we organise guided city tours and excursions for our students. The visits set the focus on regional development, international relationships and the possibilities of the European Union.

With VITALIS you get an optimal additional programme
We will arrange an interesting programme to support you students’ learning

For the excursions and visits, we work with long-standing cooperation partners. Our groups make their trips and sightseeing in their own bus. Popular destinations for visits and excursions are:

  •   Guided city tour in Leipzig
  •   Visit to Leipzig’s BMW plant
  •   Visit to the Porsche plant in Leipzig
  •   Day trip to Dresden
  •   Visit to the transparent factory by Volkswagen, Dresden
  •   Day trip to Berlin
  •   Weekend trip to Berlin

The Spirit, Trade and Music in Leipzig

Leipzig is the largest city in the Free State of Saxony and the heart of the Metropolitan Region in Central Germany. The town was founded at the crossroads of two medieval trade roads, which dominated its development for centuries. Goods, people and ideas found their way to Leipzig and formed a self-confident urban citizenship. Leipzig was also a city of music, media and letterpress. With a tour of the historic city centre, visitors get to know many sights and the stages of the city development.

View at the city centre of Leipzig
Leipzig's city centre with its sights is always recommended for a visit

Day Trip to the Baroque Dresden

The image of Dresden's old town is characterised by its centuries-old role as the residence of the Saxon dukes and kings. During this time buildings which dominate the image of the city were built. Even today, the people of Dresden speak with some pride about their „Elbflorenz“. With the guided city tour the participants visit the historic town of Dresden with the Catholic Court Church, the Residence Palace and the famous Zwinger. The buildings on the terrace overlooking the nearby Elbe river contributed to Dresden's importance for the development of European art and architecture.

A day trip to Dresden in the framework programme
Dresden as the town of Saxony's dukes and kings is a treasure of European art and architecture

Trips to Berlin, Germany’s Capital City

In Berlin, visitors find a lot of places, memorials and monuments that illustrate the stages of the city's history and European development. The remains of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate and important buildings like the glass domed parliament building can all be found in the city centre. Not far away are famous promenades and shopping districts like Kurfürstendamm and the boulevard „Unter den Linden“. The guided city tour through Berlin gives insights to the city’s development during centuries to a lively European metropolis it has become. It can be booked with different programmes as a day trip or as a two-day weekend tour.

A visit in the German capital Berlin
With a trip to Berlin visitors get to know the changeful German history and a livingly European metropolis

Link: Compilation of virtual museum visits and excursions.

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