European projects with VITALIS
European projects with VITALIS

VITALIS Coordination of Programs in the European Community

Vitalis was founded in 1997 to receive European participants for vocational training and exchange of experiences in the framework of Lifelong Learning Programme and Erasmus+ within the region of Leipzig. During the last 20 years our historical manor Gut Wehlitz became an international meeting point, focused on the needs of the local small and medium enterprises to find suitable coworkers for the future. Since then, the company receives yearly more than 2000 participants, which are taking part in different kinds of mobility projects, including various professions. With our academically and professionally skilled employees, we are able to offer an appropriate counseling and vocational guidance and tutoring.

As a full member of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Leipzig and partner of the Chamber of Crafts, Vitalis coordinates projects for the different member companies concerning receiving beneficiaries under the framework of the Erasmus+ programme and other European projects.


The aim of Vitalis is matching the needs of the participants with the needs of the practical placements, to find the skilled beneficiaries and to give them the opportunity to practice and develop their professional knowledge and competences. This will facilitate them to be more competitive on the European labor market and will increase their employability.

BMW and Porsche as some of the most modern car manufactures, DHL and DB Schenker as worldwide logistic companies beside more than 250 supplying enterprises and service providers are in a range of 20 km around us, always searching for motivated and skilled staff. We understand our task to prepare our European guests for a good start into their future careers and to show them the way by offering the right practical experiences. 


Moreover, Vitalis is aware of the importance of the cultural and linguistic aspects and is able therefore to organise technical visits at German and other international companies and cultural trips trough different cities like Berlin, Dresden or Leipzig. By this the participants get a chance to see the different ways of working procedures and by the improvement of their language skills they can overcome the communication barriers. In addition, Vitalis takes care of the accommodation and boarding and can arrange local transport if required.

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