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VITALIS offers vocational education, internships and work experience to young people from all over Europe. Whether you come through the Erasmus Programme or through a school visit, you will learn from our expertise in the German labour and training market. Our workshops and accommodation are based at Gut Wehlitz, an 18th Century manor, in Schkeuditz, just outside Leipzig.

Real Practical Experience at its Best

VITALIS is your partner for the successful planning and hosting of Erasmus+ projects for young people from the European Union. Our staff can rely on years of experience with mobility projects, vocational training and professional development programs.


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News: Gut Wehlitz Precautions Against Covid-19

Our priority is the safety of all our visitors, participants and staff. We respond to updates in best practice and to the local and federal laws, following the Robert-Koch-Institute recommendations. Our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted and we expect all of our participants, students and accompanying teachers to be fully vaccinated when they arrive. Vaccination certificates or official certificates of recovery are considered as proof.

Regular rapid tests are carried out for everyone during their stay; testing on arrival, five tests in the first week and then two in each following week. Every work room and common room on the campus has its own disinfectant dispenser at the entrance. Groups should arrive with a supply of FFP2 masks which are a requirement for all transport and shops in Germany.

In the event that someone arrives infected or becomes positive during their stay we have the facilities to accommodate them separately until they are recovered.

VITALIS - Your Partner for Mobility Projects

VITALIS European Projects at Gut Wehlitz in Leipzig is a vocational training centre that has been successfully working with teachers, trainers and students from all over Europe within the framework of the Erasmus+ programmes since 1997.

Gut Wehlitz is a youth hostel and vocational training centre in one. On our campus just outside Leipzig, there are workrooms, accommodation and leisure facilities for up to 160 students. Teachers are accommodated in a separate building. In the workshops, students can complete more than 20 different internships with projects that can run for 1 week to 1 month.

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Internships for Students at VITALIS

Work experience for young people has an important impact on today's labour market. Our internships are delivered by specialist trainers according to the standards of dual vocational training in Germany. The close combination of theory and practice is a stable foundation for the successful career entry of young professionals.

Internships Mechatronics and Electronics

For students of: IT/TEL & Computer, Mechatronics, Electronics, Electrics, Informatics

VITALIS Internship Mechatronics and Electronics

 VITALIS Internship: 3D Printing  |  PLC Programming  |  Electronics  |  SmartHome  |  Mechatronic
 Additional Modules:  CNC Technology  |  CAD/CAM Technology

Internships Computer, IT Technologies and Digital Administration

For students of: Informatics, IT/TEL & Computer, Economy, Graphics, Logistics & Trade, Business & Sale

VITALIS Internship Computer and IT Technologies

 VITALIS Internships:  IT Networks  |  IT Technologies  |  Paperless Office  |  Digital Business  |  Web & Graphic Design
 Additional Modules:  Python Programming  |  Game Developing

Internships Automotive Professions

For students of: Car Technology, Mechanics, Mechatronics, Electronics, Electrics, Metal Professions

VITALIS Internship Automotive Professions

 VITALIS Internships: E-Buggy Construction  |  Car Mechanics  |  Mechatronic  |  Metal Processing
 Additional Modules:   CNC Technology  |  CAD/CAM Technology

Internships Traditional Craft Professions

For students of: Construction Trades, Electrics, Woodworking, Metal Professions, Forestry, Gardening

VITALIS -Praktika in traditionellen Handwerks-Berufen

 VITALIS-Internships:  Wood Processing  |  Construction  |  Electrics  |  Metal Processing  |  Forestry  |  Gardening
 Additional Modules:   CAD/CAM Technology

Internships Service and Social Professions

For students of: Elder Care, Cooking & Gastronomy, Hotel Business & Tourism, Food Technicians, Hairdressing, Cosmetics

VITALIS Internship Service and Social Professions

  VITALIS-Internships:  Health Care  |  Hotel Business  |  Kitchen & Gastronomy  |  Beauty Care

All internships at VITALIS are based on the dual German vocational system. They are structured according to the ECVET system and are therefore internationally comparable. In addition to the practical and technical content, special emphasis is placed on the development of personal skills and soft skills in all internships.

Advanced Training for Teachers at VITALIS

Refreshing, adapting and developing of professional competences is at the heart of lifelong learning. For teachers, school leaders and management employees, VITALIS offers a range of courses, seminars and workshops. Based on current pedagogical research and designed to improve outcomes and learning for students, these courses can help you meet your school's planning needs for staff development.

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that we offer teachers and experts is built by our education team based on years of experience of working in schools around the world. We aim to be your school improvement partners, supporting passionate, engaged and ambitious schools and teachers working together to improve their students’ learning outcomes. We will co-create the courses for your team to meet your needs and help move your school forwards within the European context.

Course offerings for the year 2022

We have developed a series of CPD workshops for teachers and visiting experts, conducted in English, around themes that we know are important to schools. All of our workshops will help enhance the professional competence and motivation of teachers, foster wellbeing and collaboration and increase the quality and inclusiveness of education. Our workshops can be tailored to meet your school’s training needs, some examples include. With the expansion of the Erasmus programmes to regular schools and independent schools, funding is available for these courses.

VITALIS courses for teachers, school directors and managers

  •  VITALIS Course: The Dual Vocational System in Germany

  • The course focuses on the structures and basics of the German training system, which successfully combines theory and practice. The participants learn about the legal and organisational principles of dual training. During visits and discussion rounds, they gain practical insights into the role of schools, inter-company training centres and training companies.  more ...

  • The following courses are focused on current international issues. We have structured the courses in such a way that they can be held both as courses for teachers and as courses for students. Some courses can also be chosen as a complementary course to a VITALIS internship.

  •  VITALIS Course: 21st Century Skills

  • This course explores the global challenges of the 21st century, which require new orientations and competencies. The focus is on optimising learning and teaching in everyday life in our schools. It is necessary to recognise prejudices and patterns of thinking, to critically evaluate sources and to check provided facts. How do we share our work in an honest, transparent and verifiable way?  more ...

  •  VITALIS Course: Design Thinking and Process Planning

  • The course focuses on metacognition – the teaching of how we think and learn. Its aim is to optimise one's own learning. A critical and balanced handling of sources and the verification of supposed factuality are further focal points. Course participants gain a better understanding of how to deal with complex and undefined challenges in a practical way.  more ...

  •  VITALIS Course: Growing International Mindedness

  • Course participants learn strategies to understand local, national and global events in our smaller and more interconnected world. This includes the importance of our vocabulary and international understanding in their daily environment. Also included is the critical use of available information and the expansion of our understanding of the world.   more ...

  •  VITALIS Course: Education for Sustainable Development

  • The course aims to bring the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to life in schools. For the daily work in schools, it means creating a change in teaching and learning for sustainable development. Keywords are independent activity-based learning, participation and cooperation, problem orientation as well as inter- and transdisciplinarity.  more ...

  •  VITALIS Course: Language-Art-Programme

  • This course is designed for students in grade 9 and above who are studying German and/or English at school. The programme can be coordinated with the curriculum in the subjects of history, art, economics and management, geography or social studies. The language arts programme takes up themes offered by Leipzig and the region to gain confidence in using foreign languages in an authentic environment.  mehr ...

All courses at VITALIS are practice-oriented by actively involving the participants and their experiences. Various seminars, visits to companies and training centres as well as other activities that support aim-oriented teaching and learning serve to impart knowledge. Each participant has the opportunity to contribute their professional knowledge and practical experience. As with all of our professional courses, participants must be able to share their knowledge and ideas in English.

Well Located and Easy to Reach

The region around Leipzig has an excellently developed infrastructure. Many groups arrive via Leipzig/Halle or Berlin airports, which are easy to reach via the motorway network. We are also easy to reach by bus or train. All arriving groups are personally welcomed by the VITALIS team and a transfer from the airport will be organised.

Contact us

For further information and all questions about planning your mobility project with VITALIS please contact our Programme Manager or Director of Education by telephone or email.


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