Workshops for Staff Development

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that we offer teachers and experts is built by our education team based on years of experience of working in and leading schools around the world. We aim to be your school improvement partners, supporting passionate, engaged and ambitious schools and teachers working together to improve their students’ learning outcomes.
Special guided visits for expert groups
Visit in an energy plant
Discussion with experts
Visiting programmes in companies and educational institutions
We have developed a series of CPD workshops for teachers and visiting experts, conducted in English, around themes that we know are important to schools. All of our workshops will help enhance the professional competence and motivation of teachers, foster wellbeing and collaboration and increasing the quality and inclusiveness of education. Our workshops can be tailored to meet your school’s training needs, some examples include:

 Focal Points of the Programmes

  • German Vocational Education; a deep dive into the dual system of VET and employment
  • Contextual Wellbeing and Mindfulness; creating a school environment that maximises student and staff wellbeing
  • Growing International Mindedness; using our students’ experience and current affairs to grow empathy and understanding
  • Design Thinking and Process Planning; building a new approach to the unfamiliar
  • Maximising Impact in Teaching and Learning; recent lessons from educational research and how to use them
  • Education for Sustainable Development; bringing the UNSDGs to life at school
  • Visible Learning; using evidence based approaches to assessment and feedback that cause learning
  • Making Appraisal and Evaluation Work; turning teacher appraisal into learning and growth, not paperwork and stress

We use a variety of workshops, seminars, case studies, activities and visits in which participants will contribute to the content and create plans that can be implemented when they return to their schools. Vitalis’ education team has years of experience in government, private and international schools in Europe and around the world. Their experience includes classroom teaching, department leadership, pastoral care, residential education and senior leadership as principal, head of school and CEO. Our professional educational courses are delivered by members of this team.

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