VITALIS Internship Hotel Business

For students of Hotel Business, Housekeeping, Gastronomy

Glasses are placed appealingly
A friendly smile at the reception

 Learning Outcomes

    The student learns/knows:

  • How to behave as a host towards guests, how to receive them, how to look after them and how to inform them appropriately about the range of services and products on offer
  • Clean hotel rooms and public areas, preparing them for new guests
  • Use, clean and test equipment, machines and consumer goods economically
  • Prepare and arrange simple dishes, with due consideration for economic efficiency
  • Serve food and drinks
  • Store goods and control stocks
  • Handle complaints and find solutions
  • Place orders and process payments
  • How guests are advised in consideration of their wishes and how to conduct expert advice and sales talks

 Focal Points and Tasks

    The student develops their understanding of:

  • Serving guests
  • Using specialist equipment, machines and consumer goods
  • Work planning
  • Hygiene, food safety and health and safety
  • Working in the kitchen
  • Working in service
  • Working in the store
  • Working in housekeeping
  • Marketing
  • Economic Service
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

 Learning outcomes common to all professions

  • Health and safety at work - observes health and safety rules and SOPs
  • Professionally oriented foreign language - improved ability to use a foreign language (English/German) in the execution of tasks and the ability to formulate short and comprehensible statements to communicate in the workplace
  • Personal and social competences - develops a culturally and ethically sound approach to working with others in a company, increased creativity and consistency in their actions, copes with stress, responsibility and assigned tasks
  • Organisation of work in small teams - increased ability to communicate and work collaboratively with colleagues, organise work in a team

 VITALIS Internship

  • All internships according to the Dual vocational training in Germany and the principles of ECVET
  • Our internships take place in small groups under the guidance of qualified and experienced staff
  • The internships are scaleable - depending to the knowledge of participants from different classes
  • According to the length of stay the internships can be customized and combined
  • Our internships can be funded by Erasmus programme - open for all member states of the European Union