VITALIS Course: Education for
Sustainable Development

Every year the World Economic Forum publishes a list of the skills that it believes are going to determine not only individual success, but also global economic, social and political success. All of these things will matter, but none of these is a subject that we teach in school.

Courses in Sustainable Development
UN Goals for 21st Century Goals

 Who is this course for?

    This course is offered as a course for teachers and as a course for students.

  • School Leaders/Principals/Department Heads
  • Pastoral Care leaders/Heads of Social Service
  • Boarding House Parents
  • Heads of Year/School Section
  • Older students in Youth Clubs/Organisation with responsibility

  • The course would be ideal for a team from a school with responsibility for Service, Action, Environmentalism in a school that is at the start of a journey to improve its capacity to meet the Sustainable Development Goals 2030. This course will suit people who are new to, or may have a general understanding of, concepts of the SDGs, but are not sure where to start in school.

 What will you get from this course?

    This course will prepare individuals and groups to:

  • Make the shift in teaching and learning that Education for Sustainable Development requires (action-oriented, transformative pedagogy, which supports self-directed learning, participation and collaboration, problem-orientation, inter- and trans-disciplinary and the linking of formal and informal learning).
  • Coordinate a school’s community effort to support and promote the SDGs.
  • Become advocates for cultural change needed to be a SDG compliant school.
  • Organise focus days and events around the SDGs.
  • Incorporate current and relevant examples and content into their courses and teaching.

 Some of the BIG questions that we will explore:

  • Why are the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 needed?
  • What is Education for Sustainable Development?
  • What Can our school do as a community to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030?

 How will the course be delivered?

    At VITALIS it is very important that we are always able to turn learning into action; our courses are no different. We use a variety of Workshops, Seminars, Case Studies, Activities and Visits in which participants will contribute to the content and create products that can be implemented when they return to their schools.

 Who will be delivering the course?

    VITALIS’s education team has years of experience in government, private and international schools in Europe and around the world. Their experience includes classroom teaching, department leadership, pastoral care, residential education and senior leadership as principal, head of school and CEO. Our professional educational courses are delivered by members of this team.

    Courses at VITALIS are delivered in a way that engages the participants in the practice and delivery of the Workshops, Seminars, Case Studies and Activities that we use as the vehicle for teaching and learning. Every participant will have the opportunity to grow in confidence and experience as a practitioner which will have a positive impact on their day-to-day work and on their learning.As with all of our professional courses, participants must be able to share their ideas and read in English.